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"Krasnogorsky zavod" PJSC site 18 705 Set up a meeting
JSC "Krasnogorsky Zavod" (part of Holding Shvabe, Rostec corporation) is one of the leading enterprises in Russia in sphere of optical and optical-electronic instrument engineering, which has unique long-term experience and which has provided development, tests, and serial production of devices and systems for various spheres of application for many decades.
"Seebest Rus" Co., Ltd. site 18 235
Seebest is a science-and-technology private company, integrating independent design, research, development, production and sale. The enterprise based on group mode, respectively focusing on researching and developing general lighting products, LED mobile lighting products, matching products for radio and television, electrical socket products, wall switch sockets, wires and cables, household electrical appliances, environmental ventilate products and home service robots.
The enterprise establishes operation center in Xiang'an, Xiamen. Seebest insists to operate own brand all the time with abundant product line, fast extending speed and powerful manufacturing capacity. The main products have been certified by CCC, CQC, National Network certification, CE certification, ROSH and so on. The products sell well in China and abroad and product sales network includes more than 500 professional branches in the world.
(KS Mounts) Jiangxi Kingsun Industry Co. Ltd site 18 C-36
3D-tek site Отель "Аквариум" к.305
3D-tek Interpolation screen & Counteraperture acoustic systems is made for the best 3D home cinema.
Wide viewing angle of video content and digital images with no visible pixel grid both result in reduced visual stress. These are the main advantages of interpolation screens compared to conventional displays. Engineers at 3D-tek have developed and implemented a unique optical interpolation technology. Special optical transformations algorithm eliminates the image’s pixel structure, restores the integrity of the objects displayed and increases the contrast-resolution graphics. Counteraperture acoustic systems create perfect audio phantom and stable soundstage irrespective of listener position.
A.P.Technology site Отель «Аквариум» Панорамный зал, 6 этаж
A.P.Technology – the oldest Russian company that designs projects of integrated systems control of electronic devices – audio/video components, lighting and curtains, air conditioning systems and ventilation, etc.
Since 1995 we supply equipment for integrated systems which control the light, sound, and video; multi-room systems and home theaters.
Thanks to the efforts of the A. P. Technology company specialists, the concept of "smart home" has become synonymous with high standards of living and comfort of the environment.
Absolute Audio site Отель «Аквариум» к. 206, 210
Компания "Абсолютное аудио" работает на рынке дистрибьюции Hi Fi и High End техники с 1999 года. За время работы зарекомендовала себя как надежный партнёр с хорошей репутацией на рынке. Ассортимент компании включает высококачественную акустику и электронные компоненты как для стерео систем, так и для домашних кинотеатров.
AFAR Electronic Co.,Ltd site 18 C-25
we are 10 years experience in producing power bank and usb drive,speaker, slap watch,silicone products etc promotional gift!We provide custom design service,including new mold design,logo printing design,custom package etc. Our Professional technology,Hight quality products,Competitive offer,Cost savings proposal and Private Service to maximize your profits
ALEF HI-FI site Отель "Аквариум" к. 203, 205, 303, 503, 506, 509, 510
«Alef» has been the leading distributor in the Hi-Fi and High-End market
since 1997. «Alef» offers products of such firms as Naim Audio, NEAT
DALI, Tannoy, Quad, Wharfedale, M&K Sound, Densen, Transrotor, Atlas Cables,
Ayon Audio, Transrotor. In 2016 company became a part of DIGIS Grop.
ALEKS site Отель "Аквариум" к.513
The company "ALEKS AUDIO" was established in 1987 in Russia and is a powerful competitor in the international market in the development and production of high-end audio equipment. For 30 years, the company has become a leader in the production and construction of STEREO and high-end home cinema HI-GH (Grand High) not only in Russia, but also in 18 countries. The company has accumulated vast experience in the development of acoustics, audio components and cable products of the highest class HI-GH, which is confirmed by numerous patents and awards. In Russia, the company has its own unique production and scientific center for the creation of acoustics and audio equipment. Today the company produces more than 100 items. The engineering staff of the company has not only academic and higher education, but also vast practical experience in production. Our clients nicknamed the company "ALEKS AUDIO" Russian "Rolls Royce", and we try to match this in everything. In quality, technology, assembly, maintenance and repair. The own installation department of acoustics and audio equipment fulfills all the wishes of our customers.

The motto of the company "ALEKS AUDIO"
- "Alive sound" aleks ", one must hear once!"
Amaryllo International B.V. site 18 208
Founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Amaryllo is the worldwide pioneer in home security robotics. Amaryllo designs, markets, and sells advanced auto-tracking robots that can hear, sense, track, and detect intruder faces. With embedded powerful multi-core CPUs, Amaryllo robots auto-track intruders 360 degrees and dispatch real-time Face Alerts to consumers anywhere, anytime. Over 50 patents have been filed worldwide resulting from recent robotics research.

Amaryllo is recognized by Gartner, world's leading information technology research investment company, as one of their top picks for "Cool Vendors" in 2014. Company is the consecutive winner of the 2015 & 2016 CES Innovation Awards and is the recipient of the 2015 WebRTC World Product of the Year Award.
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