Mobile & Digital

Mobile & Digital
Exposition of computer, mobile and entertainment devices MOBILE & DIGITAL is held within the framework of the international exhibition of consumer electronics — CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO. 

MOBILE & DIGITAL Exposition themes:

  • Mobile phones, smartphones
  • Tablet PC, ultrabooks, laptops
  • eBook readers, personal audio-video players
  • Computer hardware and peripherals
  • SmartWatch
  • New!!! Digital devices for fitness and health
  • Action cameras
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Monitors, case and acoustics for PC
  • Keyboards, mouse pointing devices, webcams, headsets, etc
  • Filters, stabilizing devices, UPS
  • Pouches, bags, cases for mobile and computer equipment
  • Hard disk and network drives, USB sticks
  • Gaming consoles
  • Routing, routers, switches, hubs
  • Charging devices, batteries and accumulators
  • Computer software

IZONE Exposition themes:

  • Acoustics systems and doc-station
  • Headphones and bluetooth headsets
  • Covers, cases, bumpers
  • Keyboard, mouse, webcams for Apple
  • Bags and backpacks for Macbook
  • Charging devices, batteries and accumulators
  • Cleaning materials for iPhone, iPad, MacBook
  • Protective films and other accessories


Master classes
Photo-Video Forum is a program of lectures and master classes. It’s aimed at both professional photographers, amateur photographers and at those who shoot cinema and video.
Contest for the companies that provide service of photo book printing.

The jury decided on the winners of the Photo book-2016 contest. The award ceremony was held on the 14th of April within the Conference on photo books.

Академия Smart Install

Выступления ведущих инсталляторов, экспертов рынка и сертифицированных специалистов:

  • Изменения рынка умных домов с приходом смарт-техники и решений
  • Новые тренды в системах домашней автоматизации, передаче изображения и звука
  • AV-стандарты и принципы проектирования современного домашнего кинотеатра
  • Решения по интеграции KNX и аудиовидеосистем
  • Обучающие семинары
  • Презентации новинок
Blogger School
Известные блогеры расскажут, как создавать блог, снимать качественный фото- и видеоконтент, поделятся секретами продвижения и другими полезными советами.
“Cinema and Video” Project
“Cinema and Video” exposition will bring together the manufacturers, distributors and dealers of equipment for cinema, video and photo shooting and accessories. A program of master classes and video demonstrations will be held on the 22 of April in a specially built hall at Photoforum-2017.
For the first time at Photoforum-2017 a special cinema hall will be built to demonstrate creative and colorful video clips and short films shot by a photo camera, action camera and using drones.
Conference on photo books
A Conference on photo books will be held at the exhibition on April 20, 2017.
Мастер-классы на стенде Panasonic
Расписание выступлений на стенде Panasonic на выставке Фотофорум 2016
Connected Life
Впервые в рамках выставки Mobile & Digital Форум 2016 будет организована специальная экспозиция CONNECTED LIFE, где будут представлены новинки носимых и умных устройств и решений, с возможностью беспроводной синхронизации, удаленным доступом и управлением.
Conference on photo books
A Conference on photo books will be held at the exhibition on April 14, 2016.
Connected Home special project
A completely functioning model of a modern apartment will be constructed in exhibition hall 15.
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