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Yujin Robot site 5 M017
Южно-корейская компания Yujin Robot была основана в марте 1988 года. С тех пор инженеры компании активно занимаются развитием новых технологий в области робототехники и систем навигации.
1C-Bitrix site 8 7-153
1С-Bitrix (www.1с-bitrix.ru) is the maker of a high-end enterprise social network, mobile intranet portal, CRM and collaboration suite available onsite or as a cloud-based service. The company is headquartered in Moscow and employs over 140 employees spread out in six offices in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Saint Petersburg and Almaty.

Bitrix spearheads new web content management technologies. We were often the first to develop features that either became industry standards or are still standard-bearers. With click-away automatic updating capability, customers can rest assured that they are running on the most technologically advanced platform.

Bitrix is recognized among the top-3 most popular commercial CMSes worldwide by W3Techs and currently dominates the Russian software market. The company receives significant media coverage and attention from authoritative industry analysts and bloggers.

The key customers list includes many well-known international brands including Volkswagen, Hyundai, KIA, Panasonic, Toshiba, Xerox, Samsung, Gazprom, PricewaterhouseCoopers, VTB, DPD, Zurich Insurance, PC Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue.

Founded in 1998, 1С-Bitrix now incorporates 90,000+ customers and 10,000+ partners worldwide.
3D-tek site Отель "Аквариум" к.305
3D-tek Interpolation screen & Counteraperture acoustic systems is made for the best 3D home cinema.
Wide viewing angle of video content and digital images with no visible pixel grid both result in reduced visual stress. These are the main advantages of interpolation screens compared to conventional displays. Engineers at 3D-tek have developed and implemented a unique optical interpolation technology. Special optical transformations algorithm eliminates the image’s pixel structure, restores the integrity of the objects displayed and increases the contrast-resolution graphics. Counteraperture acoustic systems create perfect audio phantom and stable soundstage irrespective of listener position.
3DSystems site 8 8-105
A.P.Technology site Отель «Аквариум» Панорамный зал, 6 этаж
A.P.Technology – the oldest Russian company that designs projects of integrated systems control of electronic devices – audio/video components, lighting and curtains, air conditioning systems and ventilation, etc.
Since 1995 we supply equipment for integrated systems which control the light, sound, and video; multi-room systems and home theaters.
Thanks to the efforts of the A. P. Technology company specialists, the concept of "smart home" has become synonymous with high standards of living and comfort of the environment.
A&T trade site Отель "Аквариум" к. 601
The A&T Trade Group of companies has been established in 1990, in Russia, and became one of the first professional sound and light equipment, and musical instruments distributor in CIS countries and Baltic States. In 1994 the A&T trade Hi-Fi, High-End Company has been established. Due to the high quality of products delivered, high quality of service and the smart marketing strategy, the new A&T Trade division in a short period of time became the leader in the high quality audio and video components sectors, in Home Theatre components, and in Custom Installation, and Smart Houses sectors too. Today A&T Trade distributes 40 world leading audio and video, and Custom Installation equipment producers at the Russian market, that are capable to satisfy quite different tastes and budgets.Exclusive products sales, delivered by A&T trade, are conducted through the dealer's network on the whole Russia territory, in Kazakhstan, in Belorussia. Wide range of products, high quality of sound, high reliability, and high level of service and guaranty - are the main advantages, that A&T Trade can provide to all dealers and customers.
Absolute Audio site Отель "Аквариум" к.206, 210
Created in 1993, “Absolute Audio" distributor company now is a supplier
of Hi-Fi and Hi-End components.

A wide range of exclusive products to Russia, high level of professionalism
as well as client service, and business partnership with world well-known
manufacturers – are the main components of the company's success.

"Absolute Audio" offers decent selection of Hi-Fi and Hi-End components
for top-level audio systems of such brands as: Anthem, Conrad-Johnson,
Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, Paradigm, Revel.

"Absolute Audio" is constantly developing dealer network, working with
a growing number of partner companies. Branched dealer network of "Absolute
Audio" includes more than 200 companies and covers all regions of Russia.

While caring about its company reputation, "Absolute Audio" provides its
dealers with services in the organization of effective sales process and
staff training. The company is also ready to offer our partners advertising
support, as well as a whole set of customer services.

Working with dealers – is one of the essential elements to the successful
operation of “Absolute Audio”company.
ActiveAvto site 8 8-138
The company ActiveAvto is the official importer of products Brodit (Sweden) in the Russian Federation, holders of mobile devices premium for cars, motorbikes, boats, trucks and office.
AfM (Audio for Music) site Отель «Аквариум» к. 225
Top Hi-End systems for those who have a good taste and put trust in their
AGATH - французские встраиваемые телевизоры-зеркало. Тонированное стекло или зеркало могут быть выбраны в качестве лицевой панели телевизоров AGATH. Можно оформить стекло алюминиевой или стальной рамкой, а таrже заключить в багет. Выносной коммутационный блок позволяет встраивать телевизор в фасады корпусной мебели толщиной 18 мм. Увеличенная яркость матрицы и разрешение 1080p позволяет AGATH становиться не только интерьерным решением, но и полноценным телевизором для любых помещений, в том числе с повышенной влажностью. Возможность работы в экстремальных температурных значениях (до 120°С) позволяет устанавливать AGATH даже в сауну.
  • Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RF
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow
  • General partner
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