photo equipment & accessories
AV equipment
photo shooting
mobile, potable electronics
computers and peripherals
photo, inkjet printing
design & advertising, agency
moulding, albums, frames
photo studio
accessories for mobile & computer equipment
studio, lighting equipment
cinema & video equipment
mass media
photo education
accessories for Apple products
photo books, on demand printing
AV cables, accessories & furniture
wideformat printing
cinema & video shooting
video registrators, navigators, radar-detectors
instant, office printing
home printing
photo bank, museum, archive
hire, repair & maintenance


sales, purchase manager
owner, co-owner
deputy director, financial manager, head of department 
technical speciailst
general manager


foreign countries


retail sale
mass media


AV equipment sp1.jpg
photo and video shooting
Large home appliances
mobile and portable electronics
photo equipment
small home appliances
wide format, digital, laser printing, polygraphy
3D technologies
computer devices and peripherals
photo and video accessories
moulding, photo albums, photo frames
photo printing, home printing
design and advertising, advertising agency
cables, accessories
mass media
studio and lighting equipment
photo studio
car media
computer and mobile accessories
On Demand printing, photobooks
accessories for Apple products
storage devices
photo education, photo school, courses
museum, archive, photobank


sales manager sp2.jpg
deputy director, financial manager, head of department
owner, co-owner
lechnical speciailst
general director


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foreign countries


retail sale sp4.jpg
mass media


Expositions of Consumer Electronics and Photo Expo


Number of CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2012 exhibitors – more than 650 companies.
Number of the trademarks - over 950.
Number of CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2012 visitors - 150 117, 60 104 specialists among them.



Owner, co-owner – 18%

General manager – 12%

Deputy director, commercial director, chief of department– 20%

Sales manager – 31%

Technical specialists – 16%

Others – 3%

Trade visitor`s business activity

Retail sale – 34%

Services – 29%

Wholesale - 23%

Manufacturer - 8%

Mass media – 4%

Others – 2%

Trade visitors` geography

Russia – 53%

Moscow – 42%

CIS – 4%

Foreign countries - 1%

I use a tablet PC or a smart phone based on

Apple iOS - 46%

Google Android - 40%

Windows Phone - 14%

Company specialization

AV equipment – 11,2%

Photo equipment – 9,1%

Home appliances – 7,5%

Photo shooting, video filming – 7,2%

Mobile and digital devices - 5,5%

3D technologies – 5%

Computers, game consoles – 5%

Advertising agency, design and advertisement, souvenir products – 3,8%

Photo and video accessories – 3,7%

Photo albums, photo frames, molding – 3,7%

Photo printing including domestic one – 3,3%

Large format, digital, laser printing – 3,3%

Studio and lightening equipment – 3,2%

Cables, accessories– 3%

Storage devices – 2,7%

Computers and digital devices accessories, wireless devices– 2,5%

Print On-Demand, photo books, instant and office polygraphy – 2,5%

Headphones – 2,5%

Photo studio – 2,2%

Charges, batteries, accumulators –2%

AV furniture, carriers, anchors – 1,7%

Consumables – 1,6%

Car multimedia, navigators – 1,6%

Applications – 1,5%

Installations – 1,5%

Accessories and applications for Apple products – 1,3%

Photo education, photo school 1,2%

Photo bank, archive – 0,7%


A portrait of an average end-user attended CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2012:

Aged 18 - 45
Studies or works, average or higher income level
High interest to technical novelties, new technologies
Higher than average or high consumption level is. Often buys novelties, goes in for sports, travels abroad
Active approach to life. Wishes for self-expression, creative work


Men - 56%
Women - 44%


14 - 21 - 14%
22 - 34 - 50%
35 - 44 - 30%
45 - 59 - 5%
60+ - 1%


Higher – 70%
Secondary – 30%


Moscow – 71%
Russia – 28%
CIS – 1% 



Mobile & Digital
Premium Hi-Fi

Number of exhibitorsof CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2011 - over 580 companies.
Number of brands represented - over 900.
Number of visitors of CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2011 - 149 250 including 59 100 trade visitors.


Trade visitors’ business activity

Retail sale - 21%
Services - 20%
Wholesale - 12%
Professional photographer - 11%
Photo studio – 10%
Manufacturer - 8%
Advertising agency - 4%
Photo school – 4%
Mass media - 4%
Photo bank – 1,5%
Museum/archive - 1%
Others – 3,5%

Trade visitor’s position in a company

Owner, co-owner – 17%
General manager - 12%
Commercial director, technical director, deputy director, chief of department – 19%
Manager – 30%
Technical specialist –19%
Others - 3%

Trade visitor’s company specialization

Photo equipment - 10%
AV equipment - 10%
Photo shooting – 9%
Computer hardware, peripherals and accessories - 8%
Photo printing – 5,5%
Digital storage media and chargers – 5%
Photo albums and photo frames - 5%
Accessories, cables – 4,5%
Portable electronics – 4%
Mobile devices and accessories, car multimedia– 4%
Consumables - 4%
Software, games, movie, music and audio books – 3,5%
Design and advertisement – 3,5%
Video shooting – 3%
Studio equipment – 3%
Publishing - 3%
Photo books - 3%
Wireless devices – 2,5%
Printing equipment – 2,5%
Picture molding – 2,5%
Network drives and media players – 1,5%
AV furniture, carriers, anchors – 1,5%
Digital TV receivers and services – 1,5%

Over 52% of trade visitors answered “YES” to the question “Are you a pad or a smart phone user?”

Percentage ratio of pads/smart phones’ operating systems:

Apple iOS – 32% 
Windows Mobile – 29% 
Google Android – 21% 
Symbian – 18%

Trade visitors’ geography

Russia – 52% 
Moscow – 43% 
CIS – 4% 
Foreign countries - 1%


A portrait of an average end-consumer, who attended CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO-2011:

Aged 18 - 45
Studies or works, income level is average or higher
High interest to technical novelties, new technologies
Consumption level is higher than average or high. Often buys novelties, goes in for sports, travels abroad.
Proactive approach to life. Wishes for self-expression, creative work. 


Men - 57%
Women - 43%


14 - 21 - 15%
22 - 34 - 49%
35 - 44 - 29%
45 - 59 - 6%
60+ - 1%


Higher – 74%
Secondary – 26%


Moscow – 73%
Russia – 26%
CIS – 1%

Statistics of the tenth International Exhibitionof consumer and professional imaging PHOTOFORUM-2010

Number of exhibitors of Photoforum-2010 - 310 companies.

Number of visitors of Photoforum-2010 - 104 100, 33 205 specialists among them.

Total number of visitors of TechnoShow-2010 (Photoforum, HDI Show, Mobile&Digital, Premium Hi-Fi) - 142 000, 57 000 specialists among them.


Trade visitors’ business activity

Services - 21%
Retail sale - 18%
Professional photographer - 15%
Photo studio – 12%
Wholesale - 10%
Manufacturer - 8%
Advertising agency - 5%
Photo school – 4%
Mass media - 4%
Photo bank – 1%
Museum/Archive - 1%
Others - 1%

Company’s specialization where a trade visitor works

Photo shooting – 14%
Photo equipment - 11%
Photo printing – 9%
Photo albums and photo frames - 9%
Photo accessories - 8%
Consumables - 7%
Design and advertisement - 6%
Computer hardware - 5%
Video equipment – 5%
Poligraphy - 5%
Printing equipment – 4%
Studio equipment – 4%
Photobooks - 4%
Fillet - 4%
Video shooting – 4%
Others - 1%

Trade visitor’s position in a company

Owner – 18%
General director - 11%
Deputy director – 17%
Manager – 33%
Technical specialist –15%
Others - 6%

Trade visitors’ geography

Russia – 59%
Moscow – 32%
CIS – 7%
Foreign countries - 2%

The CIS trade visitors’ geography

Ukraine – 41%
Belarus – 36%
Central Asia countries and Caucasus - 15%
Baltic States - 5%
Moldova - 3%

How a Trade visitor found out about the exhibition

Invitation from a participant of the exhibition – 32%
Invitation from the Organizer of the exhibition – 32%
Press - 11%
Friends - 10%
Internet - 9%
Outdoor advertising - 3%
Advertising on the radio – 2%
Others - 1%


A portrait of an average end-consumer, who visited PHOTOFORUM-2010:

Aged 17-46
Studies or works, income level is average or higher
High interest to technical novelties, new technologies
Consumption level is higher than an average or just high. He often buys novelties, goes in for sports, goes abroad.
Great interest to the present. Tendency to self-expression, art. 


Men - 60%
Women - 40%


16 - 24 - 21%
25 - 34 - 43%
35 - 44 - 29%
45 - 54 - 5%
55+ - 2%


Higher – 64%
Secondary – 36%


Moscow – 70%
Russia – 29%
CIS – 1%

The 8th international exhibition of consumer and professional photo and video PHOTOFORUM-2008 has been held from April 10 through 13 in Moscow (IEC Crocus Expo). The exhibition has been the key event in domestic photo business for 8 years already and united both amateur and professional photographers. Major participants of both Russian and international photographic market (over 350 companies) including Canon, Sony, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Kodak, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, Noritsu, Epson, Casio, Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi Electric, Rekam and others exhibited their latest developments at this trade show.


PHOTOFORUM unites both amateurs and professionals: photographers; owners of photo and video stores, photo service centers; specialists of photographic companies; representatives of advertising agencies, printing companies; designers and many others. The number of the trade show visitors grows every year. This year it made over 85 500 persons including 33 500 – trade visitors.

Trade visitors’ business activity

Services - 23%
Retail sale - 20%
Professional photographer - 18%
Wholesale - 17%
Manufacturer - 8%
Advertising agency - 6%
Mass media - 3%
Museum/Archive - 1%
Others - 4%


Photographic equipment - 19%
Photo accessories - 14%
Photo albums and photo frames - 11%
Design - 11%
Consumables - 10%
Video equipment - 9%
Computer hardware - 9%
Printing - 8%
Fillet - 5%
Others - 4%

Trade visitors’ geography

Russia – 58%
Moscow – 32%
CIS – 8%
Foreign countries - 2%

The CIS trade visitors’ geography

Ukraine – 44%
Belarus – 29%
Central Asia countries and Caucasus - 18%
Baltic States - 6%
Moldova - 3%

The PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition was held in parallel with international exhibition HDI SHOW (Hi-Fi. Digital. Install ) in IEC Crocus Expo. The joint project has become the main TECHNOSHOW of the year, which introduces all the latest achievements in audio, video and photo industry. Over 125 000 visitors had an opportunity to admire TECHNOSHOW in 2008.


According to experts, today the Russian photo market shows a stable growth in 20-25 % and it’s far from saturation yet. Effective development of photo industry in Russia keeps on growing in all the segments and it does show a rather great potential for its further evolvement. However, the Russian market today is one of the major ones in Europe and it constantly arouses great interest among all the world manufacturers.

The participants consider SLR cameras to be its most important field. According to Tom Hamaguchi, a chief Sony CIS marketing manager in Sony company, the world-wide trend today is a consumer interest shift from digital compact cameras to SLR cameras. “Compact cameras definitely represent the most massive market segment. As for SLR cameras, however, they become more available and easy to use, what promotes great sales ”, - says Alexey Marchenko, a marketing manager in Nikon Europe B.V. representative office in Moscow. “Last year we could notice a stagnation at compact cameras market , while SLR cameras market grew very actively. Our company has invested a lot in the development of this field”, - underlines Uwe Lussem, chief manager of marketing and sales department working on CIS countries, Africa, Israel and Turkey in Olympus company.

Today technologies convergence remains the main tendency of today photographic market. “The winners will be those companies which will manage to combine all the possible devices (a notebook, a computer, a phone, a photo camera, a walkman, a FM-tuner) in one unit”, - notes Sergey Savenko, General Director of Sava Digital company, PMAI board member.

According to SAMSUNG Electronics audio- and video department chief manager Lee, Hwa Jun, the most dynamically growing field today is a high end segment, that can satisfy all the demands of even the most exacting customer.

From Panasonic company’s point of view, stylish compact cameras with more advanced technologies will become the perspective trend in 2008. It’s so called second purchase, when a customer already has a photo camera, knows its weak points and buys a camera with additional advanced functions. “The first active saturation phase has already passed. Now penetration in the regions and second purchases are the main growth engine”, - says Alexey Mikhailov, chief manager of photo-and video department in Panasonic company.

In its turn, customer interest in professional equipment constantly grows, there is a hardly noticeable border between professional and customer photo cameras. “Customer’s preferences always change. Professional equipment is usually popular among amateurs what is connected with the welfare growth”, - underlines Innokenty Pan, business development manager, main specialist on professional photo- and video equipment in Canon company.

Yuri Akilov, head of the representative deputy in Rekam company in Russia, confirms active customers’ interest in professional equipment. To his mind, the main obstacle to further market saturation is a different level of regions’ development in Russia. “As a whole, we can notice structuring, cure, segment and niche forming”, - says Yuri Akilov.

Rafael Mustafin, President of Sinar Bron Foba company, says that great prospects were achieved thanks to professional equipment of premium class. “A number of professional photographers constantly increases, that’s why they need to buy equipment of higher quality. More and more regions start working on high-quality equipment. A customer himself has become more exacting,” - Rafael Mustafin notes.

As for photo printing market in Russia, its players consider that today they shoud offer a customer such products and services which differ from common standards. Thus, at the PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition Sava Digital company demonstrated the equipment that allows to get formats up to 1,27 metres on silver-containing paper. The company also introduced the equipment that prints photos 76 cm width.

“Nowadays building boom in our country has contributed to photo business development. Here I mean services for designers and private customers, whose activity’s connected with any kind of decor, - says Sergey Savenko. - This market grows very dynamically. Traditional printing with 10x15 format is gradually dying out. The company that will find its product and occupy its niche will be the most prosperous one”.

According to Elena Ghiguleva, PR manager in Epson Europe B.V. Moscow representative office, professional photo printing field is a very perspective market segment. Home photo printers which have the quality that is better than photo labs can offer are in great demand. Anna Sergunina, PR manager in IPG department in Hewlett-Packard company, shares this point of view: “Professional photo printing is the most perspective trend, to my mind. Here I mean A3 format+ and more. In our opinion, this market is far from saturation yet”.

Lomond company considers professional color ink-jet printing to be an actively developing field. “The photo market belonged to IJ printing for a long time ago. In 2007 a great number of shots were printed with the help of IJ printers, - says Dmitry Maskulyak, sales director in Lomond company. – Today we have another stage, when IJ printing penetrates in the field of digital and polygraph printing”. This year we’re to announce several printers provided with printing sections A4 with 60 imprints a minute. Besides, there’s an opportunity to put typing heads parallel to each other and print A2, A1, A0 formats”.

As far as further photo industry development is concerned, it mainly depends on science-driven technologies, without which we can hardly imagine any progress in this field. The world manufacturers go on investing in innovations and breakthrough solutions development in this field. All the key trends, incuding the latest achievements of the largest manufacturers have been represented at the PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition.


Canon company introduced its new SLR cameras EOS 450 D, containing all the best company achievements. All Canon compact cameras, including Ixus AS 80, 85, 90, 970 have a fully-featured optical stabilizer, new video cameras FS10, FS 100, FS 11, HF100, HF10 – HD standard and an opportunity to record to flash carriers, both built-in and outside ones, having ultra compact sizes. At the exhibition Sony company demonstrated its new photo cameras Cyber Shot. Cyber Shot W170 is a 10 MPIX camera of W series in an aluminium body, equipped with an intellect function to choose a shooting regime. Another novelty is Sony Cyber-shot W200, a compact photo camera in a plain aluminium body with 12,1 MPIX effective resolution and support of data output of HD standard. Sony enlarged its SLR series with two new 300 and 350 cameras, which combine quick autofocus Quick AF Live View with an excellent image quality and great easy-to-use functions. Handycam ® HDR-TG3E is another novelty from Sony company. Its size can be compared with a cell phone. Kodak company introduced an automatic digital photo minilab for the first time. It’s meant for a big rated capacity, it’s compact and low-energy – its electric energy input is 10 times lower than a common minilab has. Samsung Electronics introduced SCX-4300, one of the most miniature devices of “desk top multifunctional devices” series. There were also introduced such compact digital cameras with built-in flash memory as VP-HMX10C, VP-MX10A and VP-DX10 and new premium class VP-HMX10 camera. Panasonic company demonstrated a lot of novelties including water-proof video camera SDR-SW20, ultramobile SDR-S7, new portable DVD players and many other things.

On Mitsubishi Electric booth the visitors could see the latest developments in business decisions field: photolab CLICK 5000 provides a customer with a moment printing from any digital carrier, photo album creation on CD, old shots restore and other opportunities. Nikon company showed its model D60 – high-quality SLR photo camera of DX format with 10,2 MPIX resolution with a unique system of dust sweeping from the matrix. The company also introduced COOLPIX S600 – the tiniest and quickest compact photo camera with 10 MPIX resolution with wide-angle lens. Pentax demonstrated the most compact for today digital camera with 12 MPIX matrix – Optio A40, as well as new SLR digital camera with changeable optics – Pentax K200D.

On Casio booth the visitors had an opportunity to see digital camera Casio Exilim PRO EX-F1, the quickest camera in the world. Rekam company showed its Presto and iLook series. This year Rekam introduced new digital frames of DejaView series – DejaView Super Slim with thin 20 mm body. BenQ demonstrated an ultra compact novelty in thin and stylish photo cameras’ segment. Its minimal thickness is 9.9 mm. Fujifilm showed 2 interesting products: FinePix S100FS camera with ultrazoom (11,1 Mp) and FinePix F20fdwith a built-in IK-port. HP demonstrated new large-format Designjet printers with built-in spectrophotometer.

Latest projects

The Photosalon “World Photography Stars” again introduced the visitors of the PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition new names and works of the best photographers from all over the world. This year the Photosalon guests admired the expositions of Clay Blackmore “Wedding Photography. Classic Yet Current”, Vadim Gippenreiter “Entailed Russia”, Gennady Chernomashintcev “Fashion Archive”, Phil Borges “In the world of descending cultures” and the exhibition of the best women-photographers of “National Geographic” magazine from the XX century downwards “The World through women eyes”.

PHOTOFORUM today is also an educational centre with a highly topical program of seminars and master-classes. This year the visitors could learn from such world stars of photography as Clay Blackmore, a true innovator in portrait and wedding photography, and Eddie Tapp, a world-wide known photographer, a member of Adobe Photoshop Hall of Fame.

“Product of the Year” Contest that helps to bring out the best products in related nominations was held on the first day of the exhibition.

The 7th international exhibition of consumer and professional imaging PHOTOFORUM-2007 which is the principal event of the Russian photographic industry has been held fr om April 12 through 15 in Moscow (IEC Crocus Expo). Major companies of the Russian and international photo business (over 350 companies) including Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, Kodak, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, Noritsu, Epson, Casio, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, Rekam and other exhibited the latest developments of the photographic market at this trade show.

Photo industry today is a perspective field wh ere digital interface has finally established. Further effective development of digital photo equipment depends a lot on high technology which promotes progress in this field. The world key manufacturers continue investing millions in development of advanced technologies and innovations. According to the photo market players, the most popular trends today are miniaturization, variety of functional options, as well as insight of professional technologies in consumer segment. All of the abovementioned, including the latest achievements of the largest manufacturers has been represented at the PHOTOFORUM-2007 exhibition.

PHOTOFORUM unites both amateurs and professionals: photographers; owners of photo and video stores, photo service centers; specialists of photographic companies; representatives of advertising agencies, printing companies; designers and many others. The number of the trade show visitors grows every year. In 2007 it made over 85 100 persons including 35 500 – trade visitors.

Trade visitors’ business activity
Services - 24,3%
Wholesale - 19,2%
Retail sale - 18,1%
Professional photographer - 13,2%
Manufacturer - 9,0%
Advertising agency - 7,1%
Mass media - 3,1%
Museum/Archive - 1,0%
Others - 5,0%

Photographic equipment - 36,1%
Design - 14,1%
Video equipment - 13,6%
Computer hardware - 13,5%
Printing - 12,2%
Others - 10,5%

Trade visitors’ geography
Russia – 58%
Moscow – 33%
CIS – 7%
Foreign countries - 2%

The CIS trade visitors geography
Ukraine – 45%
Belarus – 28%
Central Asia countries and Caucasus - 18%
Baltic States - 6%
Moldova - 3%

Latest projects
ProPhoto Style – 2007 exposition was organized within the PHOTOFORUM exhibition for the first time in view of deepening interest to professional equipment. Here the visitors could see studio lighting equipment, professional photo cameras, image processing equipment and studio accessories. This exposition gave visitors a chance to meet the leading Russian photographers, to attend open master-classes on studio photo shooting, to acquire new skills and knowledge and to choose equipment for personal photo studio.

Educational centre
PHOTOFORUM today – is not only a trade show for technology. It is also an educational centre with a highly topical program of seminars and master-classes. This year the exhibition visitors had an opportunity to learn from such professionals as Dos Winkel – a top-ranked master of underwater photography, Ben Willmore – famous expert in Adobe Photoshop image processing, Igor Sakharov – one of the most popular Russian advertising photographers and Urs Recher – leading photographer-consultant of the Swiss company Bron Elektronik.

Art paradise
The Photosalon “World Photography Stars” has been held within the framework of PHOTOFORUM for the second year. This artistic exposition of the best works made by the world’s photography masters aroused keen interest among visitors who had a chance to admire glory of the nature and monuments of architecture captured by Luis Castaneda, amazing underwater world by Dos Winkel, original city views by David Drebin, colorful fashion-kaleidoscope by Tarun Khival and the best portraits of Russian and foreign musicians by Alexey Lebedinskiy – the leading singer of the “Professor Lebedinskiy” music group.

Round table
One of the key events at PHOTOFORUM-2007 was a Round table discussion dedicated to the burning questions of photo business. The round table participants – representatives of the major manufacturing companies – noted that demand for photo and video cameras steadily increases. The overall market growth made 40% as compared to 2005. Insight of professional technology in consumer segment becomes more and more obvious. Advanced consumers’ rate of interest goes rapidly up.

The new scale
The 12-th international exhibition HDI SHOW-2007 (Hi-Fi, High End audio, home theatre, digital multimedia systems for home entertainment) was held in parallel with PHOTOFORUM for the first time ever. All together over 600 manufacturers and distributors exhibited the largest range of innovations in Hi-Fi and Hi-End, home theater, audio and video, consumer and professional photo and video equipment.

Thus the two largest exhibitions at one fair ground became a grand show of the latest achievements in audio, video and photo industry. This large-scale project has no prototypes in Russia and Eastern Europe. According to the Organizer’s opinion, its new concept will make Russia able to considerably strengthen hand in the world-wide trade fair business, to approximate the scale of the famous CES exhibition in Las-Vegas and thus to become the major event in its segment in Europe.

Today the Russian photographic market is one of the most promising in Europe, its leading players have a strong aim to promote new digital technologies. That was demonstrated by the sixth international exhibition PHOTOFORUM-2006 which took place through 13-16 April in IEC “Crocus Expo”.

This year the exhibition surprised everybody with its size and level moving from CEC “Sokolniki” to Crocus Expo exhibition center. 30 000 sq.m. of this modern exhibition space were occupied for demonstration of revolutionary solutions of the photographic industry. As representatives of the leading brand-manufacturers noted during the Opening Ceremony of PHOTOFORUM-2006 the considerable exhibition growth is the reflection of the photographic market development on the whole: every year the photographic industry brings more and more new technological products and solutions.

This year over 300 companies showed their advanced technologies at the exhibition. Among the companies: Canon, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Samsung Electronics, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung Corporation, Noritsu, Epson, Casio, Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi Electric, Rekam, the largest Russian trade companies and also the leading manufacturers of mobile phones with photo camera.

With rapid development of the photo technologies in Russia the number of exhibition visitors grows accordingly. This year their number made 75 300 persons, among which 33 400 – specialists. PHOTOFORUM unites amateurs as well as professionals: photographers, owners of photo and video stores, photo service-centers, specialists of photographic companies, representatives of advertising agencies, printing companies, designers and many others.

Visitors’ business activity
Services - 24,4%
Retail sale - 21,4%
Wholesale - 18,2%
Professional photographer - 12,9%
Manufacturing company - 8,5%
Advertising agency - 5,9%
Mass media - 3,1%
Museum/archive - 1,1%
Others - 4,5%

Photographic equipment - 37,8%
Design - 13,7%
Video equipment - 13%
Computer equipment - 12,2%
Printing - 10,9%
Others - 12,4%

Visitors’ geography
Russia – 57%
Moscow – 35%
CIS – 6%
Foreign countries - 2%

CIS visitors’ geography
Ukraine – 44%
Belarus – 29%
Central Asia countries and Caucasus - 17%
Baltic States - 6%
Moldova - 4%

Symbiosis of technologies and art
This year PHOTOFORUM united in a very harmonic way photo art and photo industry, showing not only the latest achievements of the photographic equipment but also true master-pieces of the photo art that were created by this equipment. For the first time within PHOTOFORM the PhotoGallery “WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY STARS” was held. This art project brought some special bohemian atmosphere changing the status of the exhibition as a mere technological event. The world photography stars, such as Douglas Kirkland (USA), Steve Bloom (UK) and International association of fashion photographers firstVIEW came to Moscow for exhibiting their unique works. Now these art expositions will become a traditional part of PHOTOFORUM: every year the exhibitions of the world and Russian photographers will be held within the PhotoGallery.

From shows to practice
Traditionally PHOTOFORUM visitors were able to improve their skills in photography attending master-classes of the famous professional photographers and experts. This year the skills were shared by such professionals as Luis Castaneda – popular landscape photographer, Steve Bloom – legendary wildlife photographer, Douglas Kirkland – world-known portrait photographer and also Deke McClelland and Dan Margulis – popular experts on image processing.

Mobile Imaging Show
PHOTOFORUM organizers paid special attention to promoting of mobile equipment with photo cameras. Today mobile phones with photo cameras are extremely popular. Due to the experts’ forecasts the interest will continue to grow, that’s why most of manufacturers stake on this trend particularly.
MOBILE IMAGING SHOW was held within PHOTOFORUM, the event was devoted to modern technological solutions for mobile phones with photo cameras. For the first time a separate stand with such mobile phones was represented by SAMSUNG Electronics. Visitors of Mobile Imaging became participants of a thrilling show – models on the stage were being shot by a famous Russian photographer who was making a photo session online with a Samsung camera-phone. The images quality could be seen on plasma screens.

Round-table discussion
One of the key events of PHOTOFORUM-2006 was the round-table discussion devoted to today issues of photo business and that gathered the leading players of the market together – they were representatives of such companies as: CANON, CASIO, EPSON, Hewlett-Packard, KODAK, KONICA MINOLTA, NIKON, REKAM, РЕИНВЕСТ-СЕРВИС, Sava Digital, Techsoyuz. Special participants of the round table were a representative of GFK company and Deke McClelland – number one expert in the world on image processing. Together with representatives of the leading mass media there were discussed such questions as: perspectives of the photo industry in Russia; further development of camera-phones; new technological ways of attracting consumers at the moment when the megapixel race is almost over; part of SLR cameras; development of the photo printing market.
Covering these and other issues the round table participants underlined that the Russian photographic market stays one of the most promising in Europe and its further development is aimed to become most attractive for consumer in “price-quality” relation and to be exact: a consumer gets more features for less money.
During the discussion it was noted that today the development of the Russian market is influenced by the growth of SLR cameras sales. Therefore the sales increase of SLR cameras on the whole made 158% in comparison with 2004, the model range increased considerably as well. The tendency of the rapid development of the semi-professional segment will be much stronger in future. What concerns the professional market in Russia due to the opinion of the round table participants it is in the process of developing if compared with the western markets but it has great potential. One of the trends that may influence its future development is growing demand on photography as a part of the interior decoration.
Discussing the subject of the amateur photo market in Russia the speakers noted that one can see dynamic growth of the industry in all its segments and the Russian market is far from saturation. Today it almost reached the European level and for foreign investors it’s as attractive as other markets of Europe.

“Product of the Year” Award
On 14 April the official ceremony of the “Product of the Year” Award was held. The award was aimed to bring out the best products and help consumers to make their choice among a wide range of photo and video market. The award jury consisted of representatives of the leading Russian magazines and newspaper, among which: “Digital Camera Photo&Video”, “Digital Photo”, “Mobile News”, “PL: Podvodnaya Ldka”, “ProFOTO”, “Publish”, “Russian Digital”, “Russian Mobile”, “Stuff”, “T3”, “Best Digital Cameras”, “Potrebitel. Photo equipment and video cameras”, “Foto Business News”, “Fotodelo”.

Summing it all up one can say for sure that moving to Crocus Expo let the exhibition reach a new level. Both exhibitors and visitors noted higher organization level, appreciated new technological features and modern infrastructure of the exhibition center that meets the European standards of the exhibition business. The number of PHOTOFORUM visitors increased up to 75 000 persons that is almost 20% more in comparison with the previous year.

The Moscow Photoforum is the leading technological trade fair in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. It is one of the major events for the world photographic industry that determines its development trends for the coming year. The world- known companies of the photographic market have demonstrated the latest gains in professional and consumer photo- and video, photo printing equipment and materials, digital media technologies and photo finishing, built-in digital devices. This year Photoforum exposition occupied 6 pavilions with the total area of 19,000 sq.m.

Over 250 companies, including all leading manufacturers of photographic equipment and accessories, Russian distributors and dealers exhibited at Photoforum-2005. Among them: Kodak, Canon, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, AgfaPhoto, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Noritsu, Casio, Samsung, Panasonic, Pentax, Mitsubishi Electric, Rekam, Polaroid, Hi-Touch Imaging, “Techsoyuz”, “Sivma”, “L-Photo”, “Royal-Photo”, “Adlum”, “Loma”, “Avras”, “Converse”, “Vela”, “City Trade”, “Instant”, “Grafitec”, “Center for Professional Photographic Equipment”, “Russcom” “Reinvest”, Topservice” and many others. Over 430 world-famous brands were represented at the fair.

Due to the photographic technologies rapid development in Russia the number of the exhibition attendants increases annually. This year the number of visitors was 65 100 including 30 900 specialists. Photoforum unite amateur photographers as well as professional ones: owners of photo and video equipment stores, photo studios, specialists of photographic industry enterprises, representatives of advertising agencies, printing companies, designers and many others.

Visitors’ business activity


Services- 27,7%

Photo equipment- 37,1%

Retail sale - 22,7%

Design - 16%

Professional photographer - 15,5%

Poligraphic industry - 12,2%

Wholesale - 11,3%

Computers - 11,9%

Manufacturing company - 7,5%

Video equipment - 9,2%

Advertising agency - 6,8%

Other - 13,6%

Mass media- 3,5%


Other - 3,5%

Visitors’ geography

Visitors’ geography of CIS countries

Russia – 56%

Ukraine - 42%

Moscow – 35%

Belorus – 30,5%

CIS – 6%

Central Asia countries and Caucauses - 17%

Foreign countries - 3%

Baltic states - 6,5%

Moldova - 4%

Particular interest for professional photographers was the Photoforum program of seminars that gave a unique opportunity to talk to and to learn from the best world-famous photo experts. Master-classes within the exhibition were held by Katrin Eismann – the author of the world best-sellers in the field of portrait retouching in Photoshop, and Urs Recher - the consulting photographer of the Swiss company Bron Elektronik.

Round-table discussion
For the first time the Photoforum press-conference format was changed. The most acute issues of the photographic industry today were covered at the round-table discussion. The participants of the discussion were heads of representative offices and top-executives of the major companies: KONICA MINOLTA, CANON, KODAK, SONY, HP, SAMSUNG Techwin, EPSON, REKAM, CASIO and also heads of one of the leading trade company Techsoyuz and the chain of professional photolabs PhotoPro. Summing it all up we can say that the Russian photographic market is one of the most promising and rapidly developing in the world. It’s yet far from the satiety period, that’s why the leading players of the market are now aimed at active promotion of new digital technologies in the regions. Moreover, the price-quality relationship is currently in the best balance for consumers: the price is getting lower and the quality is getting better.
Due to the opinion of the round-table discussion participants, in future the market will have technological competition in the following trends: design, digital quality, size, number of features and reliability. Printing from digital carriers has also great potential. The users will be offered advanced devices for scanning, home photo-printing, digital photo-labs and photo-kiosks. During the discussion the most significant mission was set – to inform the user that home and digital printing is easy-to-use and affordable.
Development of mobile phones with integrated digital camera was a special issue of the discussion: is it a real menace to the market of digital compact cameras? Contrary to the expectations all the discussion participants agreed that the camera-phones market is a new, very large, potential audience of amateur photographers. Today markets of photo cameras and camera-phones don’t depend on each other but at the same time they complement each other.

Mobile Imaging Show
For the first time within Photoforum exhibition Mobile Imaging Show was carried out. The event was devoted to mobile phones with integrated photo cameras. Visitors became participants of the grand show – fashion show of swimming clothes represented by famous professional models. The show was being shot by Juri Jeludev, famous Russian photographer, who took real-time pictures with a camera-phone. Besides, any visitor had an opportunity to take pictures of the fashion-models by his mobile phone and to print them at once with photo-kiosks and compact home photo printers, there was also a chance to take part in prizewinning lottery and quizzes.

“Product of the Year” Award
The “Product of the Year” award ceremony was held on April 14, 2005 in “Renaissance” Hotel. The members of the independent jury, representatives of 11 popular trade magazines and newspapers, announced the competition results according to 28 nominations. The winners were awarded with prizes and diplomas.

The fourth international exhibition of photographic equipment, materials and digital media technologies PHOTOFORUM-2004 took place in Moscow at "Sokolnniki" Exhibition Centre on April 7-10, 2004. The show and seminar program was organized by “MIDEXPO” Exhibition Company.

The exhibition occupied six pavilions of the Exhibition Centre “Sokolniki” (No 4, 4a, 4b, 4v, 3, 17) with total area of 19 000 sq.m.

205 companies exhibited at PHOTOFORUM-2004, including major manufacturers of photographic equipment and materials Kodak, Canon, Konica Minolta, Fujifilm, Agfa, Sony, Noritsu, Nikon, Casio, Samsung Cameras, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Epson, Polaroid, Ilford, Hewlett-Packard, etc.

Official stand of German manufacturers of photographic equipment B+W Filter, Berlebach Stativtechnik, Biedermann, Heliopan, Hensel, Jobo, Jos. Schneider, Kaiser, Linhof, Linos, Multiblitz, Reflecta, Rollei, Tetenal was exhibited this year for the first time in history of the exhibition.

Russian manufacturers represented at the exhibition: Krasnogorskiy factory named after Zverev S.A., Slavich, Prograf, Raynox and other.

Large sales companies: Techsoyuz", "Sivma", “Prolab”, "Royal-photo", "Converse", “Loma”, “Busheron”, “Instant”, "Vela", "City Trade", “Terem”, “Marco Pro”, “Russcom”, etc.

The exhibition was open for specialists only from April 7 through 9, 2004.


Exhibitors – 205
Trademarks – 400
Exhibition total area – 19 000 sq.m.
Total number of visitors – 50 400,
27 500 – specialists.

Dynamics of increase in the number of visitors

2001 – 26 500
2002 – 29 300
2003 – 36 300
2004 – 50 400

Specialists’ geography

Russia – 57%
Moscow – 33%
The CIS – 6.5%
Foreign countries – 3.5%

Specialists’ profile

Services – 28.2%
Retail business – 23.3%
Professional photographers – 16.9%
Wholesale trade – 11.8%
Advertising agencies – 6.7%
Manufacturers – 6.4%
Mass media – 3.8%
Museums/archives – 1.6%
Other – 1.3%


Photographic equipment – 35.9%
Design – 16.5%
Polygraphy – 12.9%
Computer equipment – 11.3%
Video equipment – 8.8%
Other – 14.6%

Specialists’ geography from the CIS

The Ukraine – 44%
Byelorussia – 23%
The CIS Central Asian countries – 21%
Baltic countries – 7.5%
Moldova – 4.5%

«Product of the Year – Photoforum-2004” award ceremony was held for the second time in two years. The main aims of the contest are raising public interest towards the latest photo-technologies, assistance in creation of Russian photographic commodity and services market, and identification of the best goods and services in relevant nominations. The products were represented in 19 nominations of the contest. This year the jury consisted of editors of the leading Russian photo magazines and newspapers, such as Digital Camera Photo&Video magazine, Digital Photo Camera magazine, Publish magazine, Russian Digital magazine, Stuff magazine, T3 magazine, Potrebitel’ (Consumer) magazine: photographic equipment and video cameras, Photo Business News newspaper.

Official newspaper of the exhibition “Photo Times” published by “MIDEXPO” company and “PUBLISH” magazine was distributed among visitors for the second year in a row. The two issues of the newspaper were traditionally dedicated to “imaging” and “image printing”. The principal and most interesting events and news of the exhibition Photoforum-2004 were announced in the newspaper as well. The newspaper was of great interest to specialists, exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition due to its exceptional and various subject-matter as well as professionalism of the authors and editors who contributed in it. The main sections in the Photo Times newspaper were “news”, “the exhibition guide”, “special review of the equipment (digital photo cameras, printers, mobile phones with built in photo cameras and many other), “experts’ opinion”, “exclusive interviews with famous photographers, designers, experts in color correction and image scanning”.

The section “Built in digital photographic equipment” was highlighted as a separate theme of the exhibition for the first time at Photoforum-2004 along with professional and amateur photo, digital technologies and photo printing equipment.

International program of seminars and master-classes took place within the exhibition. Over 60 companies made presentations of the latest products and technologies, while the specialists reported on such subjects as photo and video shooting, image development and correction, photo business – analysis and solutions.

The Digital Media Technologies Day was held with great success within the seminar program of the Photoforum-2004 exhibition. Round table discussion on marketing and technology aspects of the market with participation of representatives of the largest manufacturers of printers – Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard – took place for the first in history of Photoforum. “MIDexpo” company and “PUBLISH” magazine were the organizers of the Digital Media Technologies Day.

Another significant event of the Photoforum seminar program became the visit of the most respectful expert in the field of color management and the author of the world-wide bestsellers in Photoshop – Dan Margulis. Mr. Margulis presented a two-day seminar on “Professional color management in Photoshop” for the first time in Russia within the seminar program of Photoforum-2004.

The exposition of the best works of the “Russia’s Press Photo-2004” contest, that is the 9thannual Russian contest of photo journalism c/o international festival of professional photography “Interphoto”, was held within the “Photoforum-2004” exhibition.

The third international exhibition of photographic equipment, materials and digital media technologies – PHOTOFORUM-2003 – took place in Moscow, at “Sokolniki” Exhibition Center, from the 9th to the 12th of April. The show was organized by MIDEXPO exhibition company.

The exhibition occupied 5 pavilions, with total area over 17 000 sq.m.

165 companies exhibited at PHOTOFORUM-2003, including major manufacturers of photographic equipment and materials: Kodak, Konica, Fujifilm, Agfa, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Sony, Epson, Panasonic, Leica, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung Cameras, Noritsu, Casio, Polaroid, Rekam, Ilford and many others. Russian manufacturers, represented at the exhibition: Zenit, Slavich and many others. Large sales companies, specializing in photo goods: "Techsoyuz", "Sivma", "Reinvest-service", "Royal-photo", "Converse", “Loma”, “Busheron”, “Instant”, "Vela", "City Trade", “Ostava”, “Terem”, “Marco Pro”, “Russcom”, etc. More than 300 trademarks were represented at the exhibition.

From the 9th to the 11th of April the exhibition was open only for specialists.

Total number of exhibition visitors – 36 300.
20 100 – specialists.

For the first time in history of PHOTOFORUM exhibition the organizers announced the “Product of the Year” award. The award was given to companies-manufacturers and was aimed at raising public interest towards best products and latest technologies presented in the Russian market of photo equipment, photo materials and digital media technologies. The nominations were: Film, Digital photo camera (non-professional), Digital photo camera (professional), Photo lab, Printer, Graphic station, Scanner. You can review the list of awarded companies with the nominated products in the Addendum attached.

For the first time in history of PHOTOFORUM the official newspaper of the exhibition – “Photo Times” – was published. The first issue was dedicated to imaging, the second – to image manipulation and printing. The full-color newspaper was a great success, featuring analytical materials (Russian photo market: trends of development), a special guide on new products presented at the exhibition, highlights of the most interesting seminars, professional articles and business solutions.

The introduction of a new exhibition category – Digital Media Technologies – was also a success, attracting a great number of exhibition visitors. The exposition on Digital Media Technologies was situated in exhibition pavilion №3 featuring a lot of Russian and foreign companies specializing in peripherals and input/output equipment.

The international seminars and master-classes program was organized within the framework of the exhibition. More than 50 companies presented their new products and technologies. The seminars program also featured presentations on photo and video shooting, image processing and printing, photo business – analysis and solutions.

A few well-known professional photographers presented their master-classes at PHOTOFORUM seminar program, among them: Monte Zucker – photographer of the year (2002) – wedding and portrait photography; Norbert Maes – professional photographer (Belgium) – portrait photography.

Among most interesting business seminars, presented at Photoforum – 2003 seminar program, were those made by Institute for market research GfK RUS, International research and consultancy company Understanding&Solutions and Photo+Medienforum Kiel.