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ФОТОФОРУМ 2008. Восьмая Международная Выставка любительского и профессионального фото и видео


According to experts, today the Russian photo market shows a stable growth in 20-25 % and it’s far from saturation yet.  Despite both the world softening of economy and photo industry stagnation, effective development of photo industry keeps on growing in all the segments (at a minimal rate in 20 %) and it does show a rather great potential for its further evolvement. However, the Russian market today is one of the major ones in Europe and it constantly arouses great interest among all the world manufacturers. The participants consider SLR cameras to be its most important field. According to Tom Hamaguchi, a chief Sony CIS marketing manager in Sony company, the world-wide trend today is a consumer interest shift from digital compact cameras to SLR cameras. “Compact cameras definitely represent the most massive market segment. As for SLR cameras, however, they become more available and easy to use, what promotes great sales ”, - says Alexey Marchenko, a marketing manager in Nikon Europe B.V. representative office in Moscow. “Last year we could notice a stagnation at compact cameras market , while SLR cameras market grew very actively. Our company has invested a lot in the development of this field”, - underlines Uwe Lussem, chief manager of marketing and sales department working on CIS countries, Africa, Israel and Turkey in Olympus company.

Today technologies convergence remains the main tendency of today photographic market. “The winners will be those companies which will manage to combine all the possible devices (a notebook, a computer, a phone, a photo camera, a walkman, a FM-tuner ) in one unit”, - notes Sergey Savenko, General Director of Sava Digital company, PMAI board member.

According to SAMSUNG Electronics audio- and video department chief manager Li Hva June, the most dynamically growing field today is a high end segment, that can satisfy all the demands of even the most exacting customer.  

From Panasonic company’s point of view, stylish compact cameras with more advanced technologies will become the perspective trend in 2008. It’s so called second purchase, when a customer already has a photo camera, knows its weak points and buys a camera with additional advanced functions. “The first active saturation phase has already passed. Now penetration in the regions and second purchases are the main growth engine”, - says Alexey Mikhailov, chief manager of photo-and video department in Panasonic company.

In its turn, customer interest in professional equipment constantly grows, there is a hardly noticeable border between professional and customer photo cameras. “Customer’s preferences always change. Professional equipment is usually popular among amateurs what is connected with the welfare growth”, - underlines Innokenty Pan, business development manager, main specialist on professional photo- and video equipment in Canon company.


Yuri Akilov, head of the representative deputy in Rekam company in Russia, also marks active customers’ interest in professional equipment. “As a whole, we can notice structuring, cure, segment and niche forming”, - says Yuri Akilov.

As for photo printing market in Russia, its players consider that today they shoud offer a customer such products and services which differ from common standards. Thus, at the PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition Sava Digital company demonstrated the equipment that allows to get formats up to 1,27 metres on silver-containing paper. The company also introduced the equipment that prints photos 76 cm width.

According to Elena Ghiguleva, PR manager in Epson Europe B.V. Moscow representative office, professional photo printing field is a very perspective market segment. Home photo printers which have the quality that is better than photo labs can offer are in great demand. Anna Sergunina, PR manager in IPG department in Hewlett-Packard company, shares this point of view: “Professional photo printing is the most perspective trend, to my mind. Here I mean A3 format+ and more. In our opinion, this market is far from saturation yet”.

Lomond company considers professional colour ink-jet printing to be an actively developing field. “The photo market belonged to IJ printing for a long time ago. In 2007 a great number of shots were printed with the help of IJ printers, - says Dmitry Maskulyak, sales director in Lomond company. – Today we have another stage, when IJ printing penetrates in the field of digital and polygraphy printing”.

As far as further photo industry development is concerned, it mainly depends on science-driven technologies, without which we can hardly imagine any progress in this field. The wrld manufacturers go on investing in innovations and breakthrough solutions development in this field. All the key trends, incuding the latest achievements of the largest manufacturers have been represented at the PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition.


Canon company introduced its new SLR cameras EOS 450 D, containing all the best company achievements. All Canon compact cameras, including Ixus AS 80, 85, 90, 970 have a fully-featured optical stabilizer, new video cameras FS10, FS 100, FS 11, HF100, HF10 – HD standard and an opportunity to record to flash carriers, both built-in and outside ones, having ultra compact sizes. At the exhibition Sony company demonstrated its new photo cameras Cyber Shot. Cyber Shot W170 is a 10 MPIX camera of W series in an aluminium body, equipped with an intellect function to choose a shooting regime. Another novelty is Sony Cyber-shot W200, a compact photo camera in a plain aluminium body with 12,1 MPIX effective resolution and support of data output of HD standard. Kodak company introduced an automatic digital photo minilab for the first time. It’s meant for a big rated capacity, it’s compact and low-energy – its electric energy input is 10 times lower than a common minilab has. Samsung Electronics introduced SCX-4300, one of the most miniature devices of “desk top multifunctional devices” series. There were also introduced such compact digital cameras with built-in flash memory as VP-HMX10C, VP-MX10A and VP-DX10 and new premium class VP-HMX10 camera. Panasonic company demonstrated a lot of novelties including water-proof video camera SDR-SW20, ultramobile SDR-S7, new portable DVD players and many other things.

On Mitsubishi Electric booth the visitors could see the latest developments in business decisions field: photolab CLICK 5000 provides a customer with a moment printing from any digital carrier, photo album creation on CD, old shots restore and other opportunities. Nikon company showed its model D60 – high-quality SLR photo camera of DX format with 10,2 MPIX resolution with a unique system of dust sweeping from the matrix. The company also introduced COOLPIX S600 – the tiniest and quickest compact photo camera with 10 MPIX resolution with wide-angle lens. Pentax demonstrated the most compact for today digital camera with 12 MPIX matrix – Optio A40, as well as new SLR digital camera with changeable optics – Pentax K200D.

On Casio booth the visitors had an opportunity to see digital camera Casio Exilim PRO EX-F1, the quickest camera in the world. Rekam company showed its Presto and iLook series. This year Rekam introduced new digital frames of DejaView series – DejaView Super Slim with thin 20 mm body. BenQ demonstrated an ultra compact novelty in thin and stylish photo cameras’ segment. Its minimal thickness is 9.9 mm. Fujifilm showed 2 interesting products: FinePix S100FS camera with ultrazoom (11,1 Mp) and FinePix F20fdwith a built-in IK-port. HP demonstrated new large-format Designjet printers with built-in spectrophotometer.

Latest projects

The Photosalon “World Photography Stars” again introduced the visitors of the PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition new names and works of the best photographers from all over the world. This year the Photosalon guests admired the expositions of Clay Blackmore “Wedding Photography. Classic Yet current”, Vadim Gippenreiter “Entailed Russia”, Gennady Chernomashintcev “Fashion Archive”, Phil Borges “In the world of descending cultures” and the exhibition of the best women-photographers of “National Geographic” magazine “The World through women eyes”.

Photoforum today is also an educational centre with a highly topical program of seminars and master-classes. This year the visitors could learn from such world stars of photography as Clay Blackmore, a true novator in portrait and wedding photography, and Eddie Tapp, a world-wide known photographer, a member of Adobe Photoshop Hall of Fame.

“Product of the Year” Contest that helps to bring out the best products in related nominations was held on the first day of the exhibition.

Every year PHOTOFOUM gives developers, manufacturers, distributors and dealers a new impulse, inspires photopainters. Today it’s not only an exhibition of the achievements in photo industry but also it’s the main ground for communication between all those people who in this or that way relate to such a magnificent art as photography creation. This year there have been 87550 visitors.

The PHOTOFORUM-2008 exhibition was held in parallel with international exhibition HDI SHOW (Hi-Fi. Digial. Install). The joint project has become the main TECHNOSHOW of the year, which introduces all the latest achievements in audio, video and photo industry. Over 125000 visitors had an opportunity to admire TECHNOSHOW in 2008.
15 April, Photoforum