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Hi-Fi & High End Show 2014: искусство, воплощенное технически точно

2013 Exhibitors: A&T Trade, Russian Game, CTC Capital, Absolute Audio, Bonanza, MMS, PIONEER, YAMAHA, SHARP, JVC, AMX, Bose, Loewe, DIGIS, ALEF Hi-Fi, GONG-AV, Barnsly Sound Organisation, Т-ART,ТECHNO-M, HOMESOUND, Ultima, NOTA+, Inforcom, Ulta-T, musicalparadise.ru, Aleks, 3D-tek, SONANCE RUS, Next-Sound, Round Audio, Slonov Sound Design, Sonus Victor, Starlingbox, VEF Radiotehnika RRR, AFMlabs, AIS Group, IBERI, CustomAV, ALEF-Elektro, SNK-Syntez, TechInterior, Elittech, SoundProLab and others.
Here are some of the brands from Hi-Fi & High End Show`13: ACCUSTIC ARTS, AcoustiсEnergy, Audio Physic, Arcam, ASW, Atacama Audio, Audio Note, AudioLab, Audiovector, Avantgarde Acoustic, Ayon, BC Acoustique, Bob Carver, Bowers&Wilkins, Brodmann, Burmester, Cambridge Audio, Clearaudio, Dali, darTZeel, Denon, Devialet, DUAL, Dynaudio, E.A.R./YOSHINO, ELAC, Elipson, EMM Labs, Esoteric, Isol-8, JAMO, JBL Synthesis, Kaleidescape, KEF, Klipsch, KUZMA, Lexicon, Lindemann, Magnat, Marantz, Mark Levinson, McIntosh Laboratory, Meridian, MEYER SOUND, Mirage, MK Saund, Monitor Audio, Morel, Nordost, Odeon, Onkyo, Paradigm, PBN Montana, Phonar, PIEGA, Polk Audio, Primare, Pro Ac, Quad, RBH, REL, Sonos,T+A, TAD, Tannoy, Transrotor, Velodyne, VINCENT, Wharfedale, Wilson Audio, Wadia
For sophisticated audience VIP Salon was held - a comfortable lounge area where all visitors could enjoy the sound of 7 exclusive audio systems: Wilson Audio Sophia Series 3 + Devialet D-Premier, Tannoy Westminster Royal +Michell Engineering Orbe, acoustic systems and amplifiers by a Russian manufacturer STARLINGBOX, Audiovector R11 Arrete + Burmester 111, PBN Montana WAS +AMG Viella 12 + Weiss Jason + darTZeel NHB-18, Apertura Audio Onira + Bryston BDP-2,KEF BLADE + Progressive Audio CD2.
Smart Install is a new exposition combining both high quality products and the convenience of home audio-video system control preserving an immaculate home interior style.
The exposition occupied 6th floor of the Aquarium Hotel. Among showcased products were modern multimedia device control systems, audio-video multiroom, built-in acoustics and displays as well as home theatre engineering projects in flats and country houses.
Smart Install brands: AMX, Control 4, REVOX, GIRA, AGATH, Audio Design Associates, LUMAGEN, Procella Audio, Wolf-Cinema, NordOst, Supra, Arcam, Datasat, Screen Researsh, Kaleidescape, Sonos, Metz, PHC, AudioVector, Arcam, Elipson, Opus, Bose, NewTec: Design Audio, Musicall, Xilica, DATASAT, BITWISE CONTROLS, MEYER SOUND, FORGE, PRISMASONIC, VERTERE Acoustics, CINEAK, Elan, Litetouch, Niles.
Special events held in the framework of the show helped to discuss the most vital issues in this area. Among the key events for designers and architects were CEDIA courses and KNX courses. Another very important event at Smart Install was “Audio-Video installation as an integral part of an architectural project” conference that took place 13th April at the Aquarium Hotel with the support of Salon Interior magazine.
Hi-Fi & High End SHOW event programme measures up to the most sophisticated audience. Vinyl lovers had an opportunity not only to see portable players from 60-80s at a special exposition called “Tamed Vinyl” but also purchase rare valuable records to add to their collection.
“Music in Photo” exhibition presented the work of world famous photographers including Andy Batt, Maxim Poluboyarinov and others.
Main trends
Whilst analysing Hi-Fi & High End Show 2013 certain conclusions could be drawn regarding the trends for high end audio-video market. One of the most prominent trends is the convergence of all home audio-video into one single solution for home entertainment. This trend was widely covered by the Smart Install exposition.
Interestingly enough along with the growing popularity of integrated home audio-video solutions all the exhibitors noticed a constantly growing consumer interest for traditional stereo products including pieces from the `Analogue Era` such as turntables and tube audio equipment.
This, however, in no way means that people became less interested in digital products.
Digital Music division continues to pave its way conquering new areas and attracting more companies which were normally associated with Hi-Fi. Among showcased products this year was a record number of different DACs, network players, media servers, docking stations and other equipment giving uncompromising fidelity from computers, tablets, smartphones, network-attached storages and other modern sources of audio-video content.
One more trend closely connected with the previous one is a rapid development of wireless solutions for audio-video systems. A number of companies are making a shift `product control` wise – it truly seems like a real farewell to the remote controls which is now giving way to smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android.
Another interesting market trend is a steady penetration of pro and semi pro theater solutions for home equipment.
Several showcased home theatre installations incorporated projectors, acoustic systems, processors and amplifiers that were indeed of `pro` category.
The 4 show days give trade visitors an opportunity to assess and try out brand new products that would appear in stores only tomorrow and determine the future shape of the high end market. Show`s verdict: here at the show trends are determined for the audio-video equipment that can only be described using adjectives in superlative degree.
30 September, Hi-Fi & High End Show