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Премьеры и тренды российского рынка потребительской электроники. Подведены итоги выставки Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2013

This year Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo goes on with the expositions themes expanding. Car Media is a new exposition demonstrating up-to-date car decisions: navigators, dashboard cameras, car multimedia, head units, acoustics, video equipment etc. As for other market segments, the visitors could attend traditional expositions: PHOTOFORUM, AUDIO-VIDEO, MOBILE&DIGITAL, iZone, HOME APPLIANCES, SHOW PRINT  and Hi-Fi & High End Show, a separate exposition in Aquarium hotel. 

More than 700 companies participated in Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2013 with the world leading manufacturers and distributors among them: Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Bose, Loewe, Sennheiser, Mitsubishi Electric, Benq, Canon, JVC, Sharp, Electrolux, Gorenje, Nikon, Olympus, Pentaх a Ricoh Company, Polk, Harman, Seagate, Audio-Technica, Rekam, Creative, Golla, Ritmix, Wexler, Oysters, Xerox, Supra, Korting, Stadler Form, Russian Game, Bonanza, A&T Trade, CTC Capital, Digis, Alef, Absolute Audio, Lexand, iconBIT, Carcam, Black Vue  and many others.

Main industry achievements and main trends of the upcoming year were defined in the course of “Russian consumer electronics market. Trends and development” conference, an essential business event at the exhibition. The participants marked higher expenditure level on consumer electronics. It should be mentioned as well that the government announced an initiative to lay responsibility for products utilization on the manufacturers. 

As for the market in 2012 according to the segment: 
- computer market has dramatically declined, netbooks and ultramobile notebooks are being actively replaced by tablet PCs, moreover 60% in the average price segment is engaged by “easy equipment” rather than by ultrabooks;
- smartphones market share on the mobile phones market amounted to 44%; one could notice smartphones life cycle reduction; more and more popularity is gained by devices equipped with two and more SIM-cards “MultiSim”;
- a 12% increase has been marked in TV segments against the decrease of other “video” mmarket; one could witness rapid sales growth of 3D TV and Smart TV;
- home theatres market is falling while soundbars segment is increasing against that fact;  
- large home appliances segment is marked with minimal equipment synergy. As for washing machines, one should mention rapid growth of narrow washing machines, not wider than 50 sm. Small home appliances: continuous growth of slow-cooker market share, absolute figure of which was 17% in 2012;
- photo segment has been marked with slight decline (minus 4%); DSLR cameras is still a permanent leader (+3,6%); the price of compact cameras is going down; the sales growth has been indicated in traditional cameras with 20-30x zoom cameras and innovational cameras fitted with Wi-Fi module. 

Representatives of Sony, Canon, Electrolux and M.Video, Enter Svyaznoy, Eldorado retail chains, as well as  GFK-RUS marketing research institute took part in the panel discussion dedicated to up-to-date issues of consumer electronics and home appliances. One of the most important issues of the panel discussion was the necessity to use multichannel sales that allow to balance company`s offline and online presence. The participants discussed the matter of manufacture localization and importance of manufacturing-country for the choice of today`s Russian consumer. The attention was focused on the matter that plant location was not important while providing proper company control. To finish it up the participants brought up the issues of Young generation, i.e. online buyers appeared in the market and in this connection new product promotion solutions in social networks, an effective tool for feedback providing.

To access the most advanced achievements of the world manufacturers one could visit the expositional part of the exhibition. 


Consumer Electronics and Photo Expo was full of interesting events that could fit any taste. April, 12-14 professional photographers, amateur photographers and those who shoot video had a chance to gain new knowledge on photo and video shooting as well as to get acquainted with the novelties and services of photo equipment market at Photo-Video Forum, a new complex program of lectures, workshops and trainings by Russian gurus.  The general partners of Photo-Video Forum were Nikon and Canon.
As usual, photo art connoisseurs could enjoy the exhibitions of well-known photographers held in the frameworks of “World Photography Stars” photosalon: “Children in the lens” by Jodie Otte, “The world of bears through Nikolay Zinovyev`s eyes”, “Israel soviet Style” by Oded Balilty, “Life in Sport” by Andy Batt.. 

The visitors keen on culinary art attended “Home appliances” exposition. There were arranged “High Cuisine” by Electrolux cooking studio and “Family cooking with “Good House” interactive project within the frameworks of the exposition. Exciting workshops were held by well-known chef, anchormen and culinary bloggers: Denis Krupenya, Ragout chef school director, Vasiliy Emelianenko, “Lavka Vkusa” anchorman, Roberto Bruno, Accademia Del Gusto chef, Ilya Laserson, “Eda” channel anchorman and many others. 

April, 13, the organizers of Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo-2013 presented an exciting surprise for the visitors - Gadget Show interactive project. Charismatic anchormen on the specially arranged stage were making non-stop incredible crash tests of the latest gadgets, devices review; exciting workshops on mobile photo shooting, prize drawing and thrilling contests. With tears in their eyes the visitors watched the latest Apple, Nokia and Samsung gadgets being tested with the help of Blender Five Black Addition by Stadler Form. 

During four days the rooms of Aquarium hotel were filled with magic melodies. Feeling as if at home the visitors of Hi-Fi & High End SHOW could appreciate modern audio and video high end systems.  Visitors interested in vinyl could not only have a look at rare portable recorders within “Tamed Vinyl” exposition but also buy several records for the collection. The visitors could admire the well-known photographers’ works at “Music in Photos” exhibition. 

April, 11, the first day of Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2013 exhibition, the results of Product of the Year-2013 National Award in consumer electronics were announced. The best products were defined in the following categories: “Home Appliances”, “Audio-video equipment”, “Photo equipment and materials”, “Mobile and Digital”.  Winner-products are marked with the special wobblers in the following retail chains: “M.Video”, “Eldorado”, “Technosila”, “ION digital center”, “Enter” and “Gorbushkin Dvor” techno mall. More information is available on www.produktgoda.ru.

Looking forward to see you at Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2014 that will be held on April, 10-13 in Hall 5, 7, 8, Pavilion 2, Crocus Expo ICC and Aquarium hotel.
Detailed information and exhibition news is available on www.cep-expo.ru

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