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Статистика девятой Международной Выставки любительского и профессионального фото и видео ФОТОФОРУМ-2009

The project, waited for for the whole year by those interested in photography and photo business, has pleased its visitors again. For the 4 days the visitors studied the main key events in domestic photo industry, estimated all the best innovations existing in the world on photo and video market, enjoy photography as an art, had an opportunity to learn exclusive things from ingenious experts and photographers, take part in the magnificent process of photography creation…         


Among the major participants of the exhibition were leading manufacturers and distributors of photo equipment, accessorizes, printing and framing companies, professional photo labs, photo centers and photo studios. All of them made up 290 participants. They included such companies as Canon, Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Fujifilm, Noritsu, Epson, Mitsubishi Electric, Rekam, Benq, Techsoyuz, Sivma, Yarkiy Mir, Avras, Converse, SBF, Marko Pro, Dicom and many others.


PHOTOFORUM unites both amateurs and professionals: photographers; owners of photo and video stores, photo service centers; specialists of photographic companies; representatives of advertising agencies, printing companies; designers and many others. The number of the trade show visitors grows every year. This year it made over 100 302 persons including 33 105 – trade visitors.


Trade visitors’ business activity      

  • Services - 25%      
  • Retail sale - 21%   
  • Professional photographer - 19%    
  • Wholesale - 12%   
  • Manufacturer - 9% 
  • Advertising agency - 7%    
  • Mass media - 3%  
  • Museum/Archive - 1%       
  • Others - 3%            

Company’s specialization where a trade visitor works

  • Photographic equipment - 18%      
  • Photo accessories - 14%   
  • Design - 12%
  • Photo albums and photo frames - 11%       
  • Consumables - 9%
  • Computer hardware - 9%   
  • Printing - 9%         
  • Video equipment - 8%       
  • Fillet - 6% 
  • Others - 4%          

Trade visitor’s position in a company

  • Owner/General director - 26%
  • Deputy director – 25%       
  • Manager – 25%     
  • Technical specialist –18% 
  • Others - 6%      

Trade visitors’ geography   

  • Russia – 58%       
  • Moscow – 33%     
  • CIS – 7%  
  • Foreign countries - 2%      

The CIS trade visitors’ geography   

  • Ukraine – 43%      
  • Belarus – 32%      
  • Central Asia countries and Caucasus - 17%
  • Baltic States - 5% 
  • Moldova - 3%

How a Trade visitor found out about the exhibition

  • Invitation from the Organizer of the exhibition – 30%
  • Invitation from a participant of the exhibition – 22%  
  • Press - 15%
  • Internet - 14%
  • Friends - 11%
  • Outdoor advertising - 3%
  • Advertising on the radio – 2%         
  • Others - 3%          


A portrait of an average end-consumer, who visited PHOTOFORUM-2009:  

  • Aged 17-47
  • Studies or works, income level is average or higher
  • High interest to technical novelties, new technologies
  • Consumption level is higher than an average or just high. He often buys novelties, goes in for sports, goes abroad.
  • Great interest to the present. Tendency to self-expression, art.


  • Men - 65%
  • Women - 35%


  • 16 - 24 - 20%
  • 25 - 34 - 42%
  • 35 - 44 - 30%
  • 45 - 54 - 6%
  • 55+ - 2%


  • Higher – 68%
  • Secondary – 32%


  • Moscow – 71%
  • Russia – 28%
  • CIS – 1%


The Photoforum Exhibition is a part of the largest event in consumer electronics in Russia and CIS countries – TECHNOSHOW 2009, that includes such exhibitions as HDI SHOW and MOBILE&DIGITAL SHOW, an exhibition of audio-video technique and an exhibition of mobile and digital devices and entertainment. Over 132 000 people visited TECHNOSHOW from April 9 through 12, 2009.  


On the first two days (9th and 10th, April) the exhibition was open for professionals; in a business atmosphere companies were able to meet with their partners, dealers and wholesale clients. On the 10th, April, specialists could visit Conference “Russian Imaging Business: essential Aspects and Development Prospects”.  

Organizers: PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations, The Company MIDexpo, RATEK.

The first session was developed to general aspects of the Russian consumer electronics market. Among the key events of the year which define further market directions were such activities as opening of Samsung factory in Russia, launch of the first network of mobile broadband access based on WiMax technology, official sales of iPhone, etc. As for negative campaigns, there were noted such events as recognition of “parallel” import, absence of Trade law, customs transfer from Moscow to the Russian borders, closing Electrolux factory. The Conference participants watched the dynamics of changes of consumer preferences on the electronics market. Mid-class customers in Russia appeared to belong to “Premium” class; they value the quality of goods and choose equipment, produced in Japan and Germany. The speakers concluded that today companies should reduce constant expenses and balance credit relations with their customers, concentrate on the business core, share information and never have a wait-and-see attitude. They referred to inner optimization of business processes, gaining status “Agent of Influence” on the field through Mass media, planning reduction and management system adjustment to making and carrying out of prompt decisions.

The second session enlightened topical issues of photo industry development. Here the speakers discussed key worldwide trends of photography market: a more active transformation “analog-to-digital”, personalized photo development, incredible growth on photo book market, photo kiosk popularization and many others. New format of a photo shop in Russia was one of the most important issues to discuss. Speakers from Russia and Khabarovsk entrusted the audience with secrets of doing successful business. According to them, the main rules to follow is to provide customers with a full service, pay maximum attention to quality of goods, work closely with clients, be flexible in the terms of an order execution. The most efficient marketing ploy is an introduction of discount cards, bonus systems and discounts for regular customers.   

The session was ultimate in Panel Discussion, where its participants discussed vexed questions of photo business. They noted a great potential of the Russian market, a constant growth of digital cameras supply, demand on photo printing and an order of photo books via Internet. No doubt, the Russian market is quite different from the world one, our end-user is oriented on high technologies and price. The main task of companies is to be fully oriented on their clients: to provide them with all the information about products, develop convenient and saving offers, invest in empowering technology development. At the end of the session the participants of panel discussion came to the opinion that nowadays it’s actual to use Internet for photo transfer and printing, ink-jet printing to create unusual forms (relief photography, 3d model, etc.), ink-jet photo minilabs with two-side printing function for photo albums and books, photo personalization, orientation on empowering technology and design. All the above mentioned points of discussion, together with marketing strategies, directed on a client and his comfort, should lead to growth of demand on services and goods, offered by key players in photo industry in Russia.   

According to experts, Russian photography market demonstrates a stable growth, despite global slowdown and difficult economic conditions. Almost all the segments, beginning with budget photo cameras up to professional reflex cameras and personalized printing goods, show increase in sales. Participants of the exhibition shared their opinion about which segments in photo industry are perspective in Russia today. Maxim Potelov, Product Marketing manager on Photo/Video in Canon Russia company, noted that reflex cameras with function of Hdmi video shooting were more perspective since last year already. Alexey Marchenko, Marketing manager in Nikon Europe representative office, agreed with him: “According to statistics, the latest 3 months saw an evident growth on reflex cameras market”. Dmitriy Alekseev, Fujifilm Digital company representativeshared this opinion. He is fully sure that the market of qualitative semi-professional photo cameras will actively grow. He told though that today the cheapest cameras reached top sales in the whole world. They enable to take a qualitative photo without any complex actions.   

If we throw a glance at the photo printing market, we can notice the tendency of personification of a printed image. Noritsu RussiaGeneral Director deputy Alexey Kryukov supposes, that today empowering technology is really perspective. For example, equipment that creates additional photo services: maximum printing format, photo frames, photo albums. Photo albums are a very prosperous business, according to Kryukov, Noritsu company is ready to provide equipment for ink-jet two-side printing for making photo albums. Sergey Stalnov, Marketing & PR Directorin Kodak company in Russia, supported him: “We consider the tendency that brings new technologies and connected with image printing, to be more perspective. People have billions of e-photos and we agitate them to print at least part of their photos”. Sergey noticed a growing interest to personify images, i.e. to make calendars with photos, postcards, photo books, topical albums. Dmitriy Mukhin, Marketing manager for ZAO “Fujifilm-Ro” confirmed that people usually keep their photos in a computer. Companies’ task for today is to convince people to print photos. According to him, photo books is the most successful business both today and will be in the future. Nowadays photo books are very popular in Europe and Asia. Andrey Maristov, President of MARCO-PRO company, pointed at a considerable change in the market – more and more people become interested in digital photography because it seems to them it’s an easy process. The market becomes more wide, but less professional.               

Today companies reconsider their tasks on the Russian market and correct their business plans in accordance with new economic conditions. Many manufacturers of photography technique and equipment place a priority on maintenance and improvement of their position on the market. Thus, for already 10 years Canon company’s main task is to reserve its leadership in the following segments – digital compact photo cameras, video cameras and digital reflex cameras. As for Nikon company, it mainly tries to strengthen its place against the increasing number of serious players. Alexey Marchenko is sure that there are no such measures which could help to reserve the position of a company on the market. He says that “it’s necessary to work, to react at a demand in a proper way, set reasonable prices, have enough goods in stock”. Alexey Kryukov (Noritsu Russia) said that the main task is to preserve an allotment of Noritsu photo equipment on the Russian market providing high quality technical service and current sales. “To do it, we’ve reconsidered the price policy, started to operate payment terms and are now able to allow credit for 12 months, what helps many owners of photo labs to make a decision whether to buy such an expensive equipment”. Epson company, leader on the Russian market of home photo printing, supposes that its main task is to preserve its position on photo printers and home photo readers’ market. Elena Zhiguleva, PR manager for Moscow representative office of Epson Europe B.V. company, told that the prices on Epson equipment don’t increase if we say about a dollar equivalent. On the contrary, they are lower on some models. “On our part, we try to offer saving decisions in printing, ink sets and paper which save 30% expenditures”. Kodak company is aimed to increase a market share by sales growth. To reach this aim the company should at first expand a distributor footprint and, secondly, to call attention of as many people as possible to photography. Kodak tries to provide them with all the conditions so that their first experience in photography was always positive, people could exchange their photos and had an opportunity to personify them. Fijifilm Digital company wants to reach the position Fujifilm has in the world as a manufacturer of digital technique, as this company hasn’t worked on the Russian market in this direction for many years. For this the company has optimized sales channels and its efforts. Dmitry Mukhin (“ZAO FUJIFILM-RO”) is sure that the best way to fight the crisis is to work with partners more closely; the main task is to support each other not to lose contacts. That’s why it’s necessary to develop joint loyalty programs.      

Marat Yamoldinov, General manager for AVRAS company, informed that the main task of a distributor is to find goods necessary for the market and introduce them as fully informative as possible. In any economic conditions it’s important to plan and study market needs, work with mass media, pay attention to marketing. According to Marat, there were no extreme changes, sales volume has been reduced, but it’s temporarily.  

To create a civilized professional photo market is the task MARCO-PRO company has been busy to fulfill for many years. Andrey Maristov reported that the services and goods MARCO-PRO provides with will be always in demand. Of course, “we’ll have to freeze several projects, nevertheless, we’re full with ideas and we’re working to realize them”.

“Photoforum 2009” has demonstrated all the key tendencies on the photography market, introducing the best achievements of major companies-manufacturers.


The three components of success in photo and video technique from Sony company – Lens of G series, matrix Exmor R CMOS and BIONZ processor, what helps to increase sensitivity by almost 2 times in comparison with common models, reduce a noise content of a video record and guarantees the maximum quality of the image even with a poor lightning. The company also introduced a new line of video cameras Handycam® with intelligent functions of shooting and the best image quality. HDR-ТG5E is the tiniest and light Full HD video camera in the world. Compact digital camera DSC-HX1 with 20X optical zoom, the top camera in Cyber-shot line, is able to shoot at an incredible speed – 10 shots a second. One could also admire a new model line of S-Frame frames with HD image and a great number of display functions. Frames in X series have a big memory (2Gb), that is able to store 4000 photos.

Canon company brought its new reflex camera EOS 500D with 15,1 megapixel resolution and new generation DIGIC4 that process information very quickly. Specialists from Canon company found an ideal balance between reserving details and an absence of bad hinders. The camera is created for “prosumers”, who value a good resolution and a possibility to shoot HDMI video.

Canon introduced 2 new models in lens line with a canting and an optical axis shift TS-E 17 mm f/4L with an ultrawide cover level and advanced model TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, compatible with all the cameras Canon EOS. A line of digital compact cameras have been also improved, for example, ultra thin camera Digital IXUS 100 IS, 18 mm in thickness is the most compact one compared with all the models Digital IXUS. Inside the compact body of new stylish model PowerShot SX200 IS there is an optical image stabilizer and a wide-angle lens with a 12X zoom.

Nikon introduced its new professional reflex camera DX-D90 with 12,3 megapixels, CMOS sensor DX format and a unique system of image processing EXPEED. The developers provided the camera with function В-Movie, a system of subject and face detection, Live View mode. Another novelty is Nikon D3X based on the world known model D3 with 24,5 megapixel resolution, noise management with sensibility from 100 to 1600 points and a possibility of continuous shooting at speed 5 shots a second in FX format, system AF 51 dots Multi-CAM3500FX, and also a plenty of other functions, thanks to which the world can turn into a studio. Nikon demonstrated two new cameras: Coolpix S230 and Coolpix S220 in its line of compact digital cameras.    

Fujifilm introduced system of ink-jet printingFrontier DL410. The new minilab occupies only 0.5 sq.m, can be put even on a table, has a patented technology of image processing ImageIntelligenceä, with capacity 650 sheets an hour (4R format).   

EPSON company showed a brand new laser color printer A3 format Epson AcuLaser-C9200N – the best choice for banks which have large volumes of printed materials. They also demonstrated the device that came to the market just before the exhibition – the device for duplication and printing on CD/DVDs Epson PP-100 that enables to burn discs with advertising materials, inner documentation and other information, and the built-in printer makes any print on every disc. The device works off-line and is able to burn up to 50 CD/DVDs for one session. The company also showed new high-productive photo center for home use that has a fax and wireless connection through Wi-Fi Epson Stylus Photo TX800FW notable for its stylish design and ergonomics.

In 2009 Kodak entered the market of pocket video cameras. Two camcorders Kodak Zi6 and Kodak Zx1 were a success on Kodak booth. Thanks to video shooting in 720p HD format, big TFT monitor 2.4 inches and easy-to-use software, stylish and bright HD-video camera Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video enables to make high quality videos, watch them on HDTV televisions and put them on YouTube.

RICOH company introduced compact camera RICOH R10 with 28-200 mm zoom-lens with 7.1X optical increase. It also showed compact digital camera CX1 with Smooth Imaging Engine IV processor, CMOS image sensor, 28-200mm zoom-lens with 7.1X optical increase.

NORITSU company presented a series of modern digital minilabs QSS-37HD with 640 dpi resolution (12 bits). The capacity of such minilabs is from 900 up to 2360 prints an hour. On the booth of the company one could also see D701 printer of dry printing. It occupies only 0.43 sq.m.

Mitsubishi Electric company introduced Easy Photo system – a very comfortablephotography system, consisting the terminal for image processing and professional thermo-sublimate photo printer- and MPU system.

Digital frames from Rekam company remain very popular. Super Slim series demonstrated 2 novelties Deja View SS-85 and Deja View SS-81, 22.8 mm in thickness. One can put fillet from any common photo frame 15x20 sm on all the digital frames in Super Slim series.

AVRAS company introduced unique flexible tripods Gorillapod, which enable to fix a camera on any ground.

NANEU PRO bags were demonstrated on the booth Dicom company. Another novelty is digital multimedia device DP-870 with colorful display TFT LCD 4.3'’ and 800*480 pixels. The company announced about its new direction – professional lightning equipment.

SIVMA company showed visitors a high-aperture zoom for digital reflex cameras Tamron SP AF70-200 mm F/2.8 Di and an ultra broad corner with aspheric elements Tamron SP AF10-24 mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II.

LISOW company demonstrated multiformat professional digital photolab of High-End class Chromira 5xProLab. Among its other novelties are professional scanners Cruse, machines to gather photo books using PhotoStory technology (up to 100 sheets in 40x50 sm format), BasiColor technology and machines to finish photo books.

MARCO-PRO professional center introduced a new concept of photo studio “Impact Photo studio for Beginners”, oriented on the beginners.


Everywhere a visitor could hear cries of admiration of fans together with silent approval of professionals. It’s not surprising as there were so many fantastic options of new models, bright and stylish design, expert advices, cognitive lessons at Photoforum 2009 that no one could keep his positive emotions. Near photo exhibitions you could see crowds of enthusiastic visitors who stood filled with admiration in front of beautiful pictures of world known photographers. The entertaining program at Photoforum presented visitors with meteorous emotions and good mood.

The participants of the exhibition conducted fascinating seminars and master classes carried out by both Russian and foreign photographers, who gathered crowds of people on their booths. One could learn interesting facts about technique, photographic methods, shoot together with the professionals and enter in competition with them. For the third time PROPHOTO STYLE 2009, an exhibitionof studio equipment and professional photo services, took place at Photoforum 2009.

Beside free master classes, Organizer of the exhibition, MIDExpo company invited the best photographers from all over the world so that they shared with their experience with the Russian audience. Among them was American photographer Jane Conner-Ziser with her master class “PORTRAIT RETOUCHING. PHOTOSHOP FOR PROFESSIONALS”. The visitors learnt everything about image processing: face retouching, shadow usage, correct choice of a background, received valuable advices about how to improve black-and-white images and how important is to study character features of a model.

Two famous photographers Michael Ezra and Igor Sakharov created a furore. Their joint master class “Shooting Nudes” consisted 2 parts: “Sculptural Photography” from Michael Ezra and “Painting on the Nudes by light” from Igor Sakharov. Michael told about nudes’ shooting in details, while Igor reported about all the types of an effective light and about the methods of working with a model.

In the frameworks of Photoforum exhibition the most unusual workshop conference “WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, OR 101 WAYS TO EARN MONEY” took place. Its authors are Alexander Nozdrin, Laslo Gabany, Lana and Igor Grishiny. The visitors found out about 3 parts of success of a wedding photographer, how to undress a fiancee prettily, shoot “Love Story”, and how to bring the picture to perfection.    

Project LONG PHOTO was introduced FOR THE FIRST TIME in Russia! It was Photoforum 2009 that showed video fragments made in “Long Photo” technique. Visitors admired “coming alive” pictures of the best Russian and foreign masters, including Long Photo video clips from famous movies, which were shot according to photography rules. Here, at Photoforum, there was an award ceremony of the winners in contest “Long Photo Master”, conducted by MIDExpo and Sony companies.

One of the key events in the life of the capital was held in the frameworks of Photoforum for the forth time. The Photosalon “World Photography Stars” again gladdened the visitors with new names and works of famous photographers. It’s not surprising, this year it included the best works of Ralph Man in “Beauty/Fashion” genre, which were printed in such known magazines as Playboy, FHM, Max and others, his exhibition was called “Beauty in Fashion”. Unusual futuristic photos of both pets and savage animals introduced exhibition “Animals and their inner world” by Giacomo Brunelli. Igor Gavrilov’s exhibition was called “Own point of view”. It gathered pictures from all the parts of Soviet Union and Russia, beginning with 1970-s up to the photos from South Ossetia, 2008. A number of pictures from Michael Ezra were demonstrated for the first time in exhibition “Triangles and Horizontal Nudes”. It hit with its sculptural precision and high art of the nude. There were also two thematic expositions – WHEN THEY PLAY JAZZ - an exhibition of the best Russian photographers of Jazz stars and THE BEST IN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – an exhibition of the works of both foreign and Russian masters in wedding photography.

“Product of the Year” Contest was held in the frameworks of Photoforum. Since 2004 the prestigious contest has become the guide for customers in photo, video, audio technique, mobile and digital devices. This year it gained a new status thanks to RATEK Association and major trade networks and shops. The results of the vote were announced on 9th, April and on 10th, April already all the products-winners were represented in photo exposition in the Hall of Pavilion 2 of Crocus Expo and also on the Contest official website www.productgoda.ru. In section “Photo” there were 41 winners. The products-winners will be marked with a special sign, an advertising wabbler, in the main trade networks, including “Media Markt”, “Mir”, “ION”, specialized shops “Sivma-Photo technique”, “Online-Photo”, “Converse” and internet-shops.

Every year Photoforum gathers all the novelties existing on the Russian photo market, enables to discuss development perspectives in the frameworks of a business program, conclude new contracts, find distributors and dealers. Photoforum is like a Paradise in reality for all the visitors which are mainly professional photographers and amateurs. There’s no such a place where you can find so many novelties, master classes, glamorous models and like-minded men. 
15 April, Photoforum